Send a Friend to Guatemala

Do you remember back in March when I blogged all about my trip to Guatemala? This was definitely a life-changing trip for me. I made such great friends and connections, I had experiences I'll never forget and it definitely changed me and my outlook on God's love, grace and mercy.

In just 2 weeks, a really great friend of Brent and mine is moving to Guatemala to live for at least the next year. He will be working with the same organization we did back in March, Engadi Ministries.
I believe because of Eric's willingness to give up his comfortable life here in the U.S. and move to Guatemala that God is going to provide all that he needs for this year long journey.
Today Eric is doing a Facebook campaign to raise as much money as possible (his goal is $3,000 but he actually needs $8,000 total to meet his goal of $15,000 for the year). Would you be willing to visit his page and give a donation? Even just $25 or whatever your budget will allow.
I posted more than 9 different entries in regards to my trip earlier this year. If you want to look over the pictures or my journaling about the experience, visit this page.