End of July Already?

wow can summer really be coming to an end? Someone said yesterday that Christmas is just four months away. WHOAH. Is that possible? I was just counting down the days for the pool to open and applying sunscreen so we wouldn't get scorched. Now, I deal with the comments on my "coppertone baby" and marvel at how her skin color makes her look more like one of those beautiful Guatemalan children I saw back in March rather than my own Caucasian bambino. ha
We've had such a great summer and this morning while I read over the literal hundreds of Facebook updates on sending kids off to their first day of school, it really is amazing how quickly life is passing by. Don't get me wrong, we love every minute of our life, but we also stay so busy I sometimes wonder just how bad this whole "blink and they will be off to college" thing will happen. I know it's coming, I don't need additional comments. It also helps with the whole keeping it in perspective to just enjoy every minute of every day with my family that I get.

This summer has been so great - I just wrapped up a weekly Bible study with a group of women that has been fantastic. We studied the book of Revelation which I had never really done. It was Beth Moore's lecture series on the chapter and was super. It was no where near as in depth as it could have been and she constantly stated that truth, but I did learn sooo much. Much more than I could ever really mention in a simple blog post.
I definitely am learning to keep things in perspective. To continue walking the straight line, glorifying God in all of my actions and thoughts and words. That walking in the light reveals all just how dirty things really are. Reminding me that God has called us to be overcomers, but we have to overcome stuff in order to become overcomers. WOW Isn't that so great?
That He is so many things (Sovereign, Majestic, Holy, King of Kinds and Lord of Lords) but He is also a Romantic. He is in love with us and says he "betroths us to Himself" not "this is the old woman" but "this is my Bride. I love her." He loves us in that stage of romance called attachment - remember when you were dating or first married and that stage where you didn't think you could survive unless you were with your spouse? That you wanted every single moment to be with your spouse. THAT is how God feels about us.
Yep. Those are my summaries of my Revelation study. Not quite what you think would come from a study on Revelation. "The book of end times" is how we typically see it, but honestly it's really all about Jesus.

We've also had a wonderful person living with us this summer and it has been so fantastic. She has been such a huge help with Gabbie (she watches her for me while I work a few hours each week) and of course gave Brent and I a few date nights throughout the summer. In return, we enjoyed her company and just loved having her with us. She's moving out this Friday because it's time for her to go back to school too. We got to meet her family, spend a weekend at their lakehouse this summer and just overall enjoy her here. I keep telling her how sad I am about her not being around after this Friday - I think she thinks I'm just being nice, but really - Gabbie asks for her the second she gets up every morning, has this whole good bye in the morning routine with her and just overall enjoys her company as well. Needless to say, our family will miss having her here 24/7.

Here's G & I on a boat ride at the lake...

We've done some other fun activities over the summer that I haven't blogged about: The Williamson County fair this past weekend, a weekend in Chattanooga that included Gabbie's first time fishing off the dock at Chester Frost, meeting my parent's new dog, Duke, attempting for a second year to grow a garden (while fighting off the craziest looking creatures from destroying all my work) and MANY hours spent at the pool.

fishing off the dock at Chester Frost Park.

Meeting Duke - my parent's new black miniature schnauzer. He loooved Gabbie (and the feelings were reciprocated each time he licked her face)

My friend Anne & I did a Paint Your Own piece kind of thing one night for a girl's night. It was really fun and we walked away with a few masterpieces...

My niece and nephews came for their annual week-long visits over the summer which was awesome. They are all starting big days at school this year: The oldest starting his senior year, the middle one starting his last year in middle school and the youngest starting her first day in middle school. They're all looking very grown up these days and it's just unbelievable still.

So my next post will likely be about my baby turning TWO in just a few days. This second year of her life has been phenomenal, but it deserves an entire separate post of its own full of all the things we love about her and how just wonderful she is. So stay tuned....