The Two Year Old Post

Two. Dos. One + One. Yep. It's here: TWO. My Gabbie girl went from being a baby to a full-grown toddler. And while it seems as though it happened over night, it really hasn't. She's been developing into this beautiful little person.
I was flipping through pictures from this entire year and it's amazing just how much she has changed & grown.
Right now I have so many favorite things about Gabbie I'm not sure where to even start. A few weeks ago she started saying, "Baby, uh-oh" just out of no where. Brent and I couldn't stop laughing the night she was doing it - it literally came out of no where. It kind of sounds like a song - who knows, maybe one day it will be a #1 hit.
She's always loved Fletcher and Fiona, but lately she's really loved them. She chases them with her baby stroller or tries to brush them with a normal hairbrush or randomly walks up to Fletcher to give him a kiss on his back. She really loves them. I guess they're the closest thing she has to a brother and sister for now - HA.

She's still a great eater and I'm not sure she has something that's more of a favorite food than any other thing but some of her favorite things (read: things I give her to eat ALL. THE. TIME.) include Waffles (which she says, "Waa-ful") , smoothies, she LOVES milk - especially in this new frozen cup I bought her, all types of fruit, she loves all Mexican food (we actually served Chicken Quesadillas at her birthday dinner because she loves it so much), and occasionally, she gets a special treat of Sweet CeCe's frozen yogurt. She LOVES it (even though she hasn't figured out that I usually just do mostly fruit and don't give her much of the frozen yogurt yet).

We have a nightly routine where we give her a bath and then I stand her up on my dresser to dry her hair. She's become so girly while doing this and always looks through my jewelry box, holds up earrings to ears and recently has started trying to put on my deodorant. It's too cute.

She LOVES technology too - I know it's just the whole button pushing & seeing immediate results but it's hilarious. I love this picture because this is SOOO her right now - she will hold up the camera to herself and say, "cheeese." Even if I hold up the cell phone camera she does that too. It's hilarious - going back to the whole turning into a little adult lately.

The name of the game lately is just PLAY. She loves the playground across the street, she loves the slide in her playroom, she loves the playhouse and she absolutely adores our neighbor's kids. They play with Gabbie like she's a baby doll, but Gabbie loves it. Earlier this summer she got invited to their backyard to play on their slip n slide and Gabbie loved every minute. Yesterday she was playing in the playroom and squealed with delight when she saw the neighbors were outside playing. We immediately charged out the door to catch some play time with them. It's so funny to watch Gabbie - she tries to act like a big kid right along with them.

She also LOVES her BFF Mayme. I mean LOVES this girl. When we pull into the church parking lot on Sundays, she usually starts saying, Mayme Mayme. She loves her so much she always wants to hold her hand - like this time when she grabbed Mayme's hand who was so excited about it as you can see...

This year, we also did WAY more traveling: San Francisco, St Augustine, Orlando, and Kentucky. She became a GREAT little flyer and I'm sure it had so much to do with us getting used to flying with a toddler {do you ever get used to flying with a toddler?}

Most recently Moncrief Photography did an incredible session for Gabbie's second birthday. It was posted on Facebook and received RAVE reviews, but I think it's only appropriate to include it in this 2 year old post. It really documents sooo well what our family looks like right now with a two year old who is full of life and love. We love our Gabbie girl so much - this upcoming year has so many exciting things in store, starting with her first days at preschool in September. I know she will become this little adult over night.

My big girl on her birthday: I love you Gabbie girl!!


Mrs. Southern said...

Gabbie is precious! I love how girly she is by trying on your jewelry while getting her hair done.